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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Marriage - US Airways & American Airlines

Early on Valentine's Day morning, after nearly a year of dating, US Airways and American Airlines announced they will merge their huge families and corporate structures.

Photo courtesy of Reuters

  • The combined airline will be called American Airlines and will use the recently re-branded     American Airlines AA.
  • Once completed the new airline will be the world's largest carrier  with 94,000 employees, 950  planes, offering 6,700 daily flights to 336 destinations in 56 countries. It will have eight major hubs with a total revenue of nearly $39 billion
  • The new airline will be affiliated with the One World Alliance
  • The company will be headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth and will maintain a  corporate and operational presence in Phoenix
  • Customers will not see any changes to their existing travel reservations.
  • Travelers will continue to book each airline independently until the merge has passed all legal and financial hurdles with the Bankruptcy Court and the Department of Justice.
  •  Until the merger is complete, each company will maintain its current loyalty programs (US Airways – Dividend Miles and American Airlines – AAdvantage®).        
  • For the most updated information on the proposed merger visit  

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