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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The View Down Colorado Blvd

Watching the Rose Bowl Parade who hasn't had the thought California Here I Come......sitting on the bleachers on Orange Grove or Colorado Boulevard, basking in the California winter sun.

The Hallmark Channel and KTLA and the Hallmark Channel especially do a great job  on  parade and band sounds, the bands are amazing - but nobody yet has invented anything that can bring the aroma's and scents of the flowers through the television.

I love the floats and enjoy watching the videos of the production companies building them and watching the teams decorate them on New Year's Eve.  What a way to celebrate.

 This year the theme was especially well represented by all the floats especially Kiser Permante's "Oh the Places You'll Go." And I started  thinking and dreaming about where we might go this year.   We've been looking for a Recipe for Adventure and found one on the Trader Joe's float.

E Trader Joe's "Recipe for Adventure" float  (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

So we started Dreaming of Paradise
  Dole "Dreaming of Paradise" float SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

We actually had been thinking of  an educational trip and The City of South Pasadena's Sailing a Sea of Knowledge  float caught our eye
City of South Pasadena "Sailing the Sea of Knowledge " (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz) 

Or maybe we'd go on a Deep Sea Adventure like the one from the City of Burbank
 Fantasy Award: City of Burbank/Burbank. (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

The only time we've seen penguins is at the zoo - and there they were on Colorado Boulevard on live TV! People say they are as cute in person as they are on TV. 
 Bob Hope Humor Award: Cal Poly Universities "Tuxedo Air" . (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

But maybe we should travel by overseas and what better place to depart from than LAX where we can make Good Connections.
City of Los Angeles, "Making Connections", won the Mayor's Award for (Most Outstanding City Entry) during the 124th Rose Parade, January 1, 2013. (SGVN/Photo by Walt Mancini/SXCity)

And from there only The Sky's the Limit

  Sierra Madre float, "The Sky's the Limit"  (SGVN/Photo by Walt Mancini/SXCity)

Or should we take the Kiwanis Magic Carpet?
Tournament Volunteers' Award: Kiwanis International " A Child's Magic Carpet Ride" . (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

Oh where oh where should we go?  China, and cycle through paradise?
 International Award winner China Airlines "Cycling Through Paradise" (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

Or maybe "Wonderful Indonesia"
President's Award winner Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economies, Republic of Indonesia "Wonderful Indonesia" float   (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

Since we are in Asia, maybe Korea

As someone who loves parades and marching in them, I was really amazed at the PAVA Korean Traditional Marching Bank.  Korean traditional music doesn't really lend itself to parade marching but the band did an incredible job of blending Korean and American traditions and music. This band has 200 members playing brass, percussion and woodwinds. The band members, color guard and flag bearers all wear Korean traditional clothing 

 No matter where we go, like the people of the City of San Gabriel, we'll Celebrate the Journey
 City of San Gabriel Centennial "Celebrating Our Journey"  (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

But at the end of the trip and the end of the day......All paths lead home.
HGTV "All Paths Lead Home"  (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

Travel is an education and Everyone Grows - personally, spiritually, culturally, intellectually....and usually around the middle as well.
But when we are home we enjoy watching our garden grow.
  Miracle-Gro "Everyone Grows" float   (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

Oh, the places you'll go!...... We are fortunate to be Living the Good Life!
We're fortunate and blessed with our family, our friends, our health and the opportunity to travel and get to know so many people.
City of Glendale "Living the Good Life" (SGVN/Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz) 

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