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Sunday, November 25, 2012


We drove out to Mont-St-Michel just to get a night view and decided that since we were there already we'd go on over, instead of just looking at it across the corn fields of France

Our sons had been 3 years ago and we had heard their stories about the speed at which the tide came in and how cars were suddenly flooded.  Since then things have changed, cars are no longer able to drive out to the parking lot and instead must take a shuttle from the Visitors Center to the causeway. As it had been the Mont St Michele was cut off from the mainland once the tide came in since the exisiting causeway was flooded over. So it will be dismanlted and a new concrete and higher causeway is under construction.  Supposedly it also has to do with tides, and currents, and sealife and bringing back natural vegetation. Seems there was a lot of local angst about the project, but it goes forward and everyone will eventually adjust.  The upside is that forgetful tourists won't lose their cars to rising tides.

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